Notice with Undertaking

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DATE: ___________________

TO: ____________________

I am issuing this Notice with Undertaking in relation to the replacement of the iCard with the iCard Plus, an upgraded form of the existing iCard.

Please be notified that I will hold on to my existing iCard and will have in my possession two iCards:

• iCard Plus as my new iCard with card number ___________________
• iCard as my old iCard with card number ____________________

I acknowledge and confirm that with the activation of my iCard Plus, my existing iCard will be de-activated and will no longer be valid. I undertake not to use the old iCard for any purpose other than as souvenir.

I am holding (bank name) free and harmless against any liabilities, claims or losses, or causes of action that may arise due to the non-surrender of my existing iCard.

Thank you.

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