Application Letter

Dear Sir/Madam:

While surfing the internet, I arrived at your website ( and click Job link there. I found out that I am qualified for the position of (state the position).

I am (your name), (you age) and a graduate of (your course) at the (name of College / University). It is my honor to be included in your list of applicants for the position of (position).

I have worked for almost three years and have applied my earned knowledge on my previous job. Thought my course is only a bit related to the position I am applying for, my experiences proves that I am qualified for the job.

Attached herewith is my resumé and other certifications for you further evaluation.

Please notify me whatever will be the outcome of my application. I would appreciate it very much if you’ll reply to this email or a call on this number (you telephone number).

Thank you very much.


Truly yours,


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