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Resignation Letter

Resigning from your job is not that easy especially if you’ve develop harmonious relationships with your co-workers. But there are times we really need to resign because of another opportunity that come our way particularly if the opportunity offers a much greater challenge for the betterment of you life. Well, having unfavorable incidents in the […]

Letter Request for Scholarship Grant

Date: ______________ To: ________________ Dear Sir: Greetings! I have been teaching for five years now and I’ve seen the dynamic changes in our educational system in which a teacher needs to upgrade and enhance his or her teaching strategies. I am (your name here), 32 years old and a faculty member of the (name of […]

Letter of Introduction

Dear Ms. Santos: Through this letter we wish to introduce, Ginalyn Lubrigat, the promo girl assigned in your company. Miss Lubrigat will take care of all requirements regarding the product promo including the product display. Many thanks for allowing us to station a promo girl for our product. We appreciate your kindness and cooperation. Sincerely […]

Letter of Special Request

Dear Mr. Fernandez: The college department of CHS will be having the annual college fair entitled “High-tech.” It is slated to be held on February 12, 13, 14 at the CHS campus. In view of the above we would like to request your valuable support by means of Free Air Time for our announcement. Thank […]

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