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Request Letter for A Seminar/Workshop

Letterhead Date: Sir: Greetings! The extra-curricular activities for the students have proven to contribute much to their social well-being. It is also a portal where the students could express and show out their output in relation to what is being learned in the classroom. In view of this, we would like to request your good […]

Certificate for Outstanding Students

Heading (Name of the School/University/College) (bold letters) Address: (of the School and should be smaller than the name) This (tiny faced font / italics) CERTIFICATION (bold and with especial font and size) is awarded to (same size and font with ‘THIS’) __________________________________ (Name of Student) for having exemplary performance garnering an average of _________ (score) […]

Authorization Letter

There are times we could not be able to go and attend personally to our transactions even if this talks about money. Authorizing someone to get your money from a bank or from the Western Union requires authorization letter and pertinent identification card. Below is an example of authorization letter. Date:_______________ To Whom It May […]

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