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Walk-In Business Memo

Memorandum is so important in the business world. This is often use to inform employees of the company for abrupt changes. We have two types of business memos: the first one is the memo being posted on a bulletin board and the other memo is called a walk-in memo. This walk-in business memo is often […]

Proposal Letter

Sir/Madam: Greetings! We, in the Paper Star INC are manufacturing variety of papers which are being used in the offices. We manufacture from ground wood paper which is often use for mimeographing, board papers for special cards, parchment, desk pads and stationery with envelops for executives. Star Paper INC and its personnel are carefully processing […]

Letter Request for Financial Support

Sir: We, in the _________________ Department had come up with an idea of installing additional structure which is a gazebo type with a measurement of 10 x 15 feet floor area. We have already started the construction more than a half, but due to unanticipated occurrences, we come up short with the funding. In view […]

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