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Application Letter for Newly Grad

Sir: I have seen your advertisement in the newspaper (name, date, page) about your company for additional staff. My course is exactly fitted on the available position posted in your advertisement. I am (your name in bold letters), 22 years old and a graduate of (your course/degree) at the University/College graduated last (date of gradaution) […]

Application Letter General Format

Application Letter is very important. This one of the factors being considered by the HR or the person in-charge for additional manpower in the company. Your application letter should be well tailored for you to get the change to go to the interview level. Even if your expertise is only a bit related to the […]

Application Letter

Dear Sir/Madam: While surfing the internet, I arrived at your website ( and click Job link there. I found out that I am qualified for the position of (state the position). I am (your name), (you age) and a graduate of (your course) at the (name of College / University). It is my honor to […]

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