Letter of Special Request

Dear Mr. Fernandez:

The college department of CHS will be having the annual college fair entitled “High-tech.” It is slated to be held on February 12, 13, 14 at the CHS campus.

In view of the above we would like to request your valuable support by means of Free Air Time for our announcement.

Thank you very much and we anticipate your favorable response regarding this matter.
Respectfully yours,

Requesting Leave of Absence

First of all, it is not recommended to file or to request for a leave of absence if you don’t have important things to do. Not mention that the personnel officer is very much aware on what will be the reasons why an employee file a leave.

Fling a leave of absence is very important not only for the company record but also for the employee to show that he/she follows accordingly such rules and regulation. There should be enough valid reason that the personnel officer will not resist on approving your request. Sometime a good structure also adds to the credit for request to be approved immediately.

Below is a simple request for leave of absence that can be used as guide in making one:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Introduction – this is very important because it will serve as the motivating factor for the personnel officer to heed about you request.

Most of the time, business institutions require a written request for before you absent. Unless your company has a form, but some still require you to write and this will be attached to the form.


I have received an email from my sister that she will be getting married on (date). Ever since we’ve promised each other that the first to get married, the other will the bride’s maid. This occasion will not be focused on the wedding alone but also a reunion of the family will follow the next day as well. For this, I consider this occasion very important to me and to my family.

In line with this, I would like to request your good office to grant me to leave for 3 days for me to attend this big family occasion. I’ll spend the first day for the wedding of my sister, the second day for the reunion and the third day will be used for me to travel back here and be ready to assume duties the following day.

Hoping for your favorable response on the matter.

Thank you very much.

Truly yours,


Application Letter for Newly Grad


I have seen your advertisement in the newspaper (name, date, page) about your company for additional staff. My course is exactly fitted on the available position posted in your advertisement.

I am (your name in bold letters), 22 years old and a graduate of (your course/degree) at the University/College graduated last (date of gradaution) and currently residing at (your address).

Based on my course and my earned knowledge, I am familiar with the job duties and responsibilities. I am also willing to be trained by your company if given the chance. It will be my honor to be included as one of your employees.

Should you feel I am qualified for the position, you can contact me with this number (phone/cellphone) and it will be my pleasure to report for an interviewed anytime convenient to you.

Attached is my credentials for your further evaluation.

Thank you very much.

Truly yours,

Professional Résumé Writing

Do you know why business institutions or another organizations needing additional employees require résumé for their applicants?

First and foremost, the résumé will be their basis if an applicant is qualified to do the job. They want to know some educational attainment, work experiences and other qualifications that may see fit for the job.

Therefore, the company wanted to know what you can do for the benefit of the company and all the things in it. Below is a professional format of a résumé:

Your name should be written in clear, readable, font (eg. Arial or Tahoma), bold face and should be bigger that the ordinary text in your résumé. You can place you name in the center or at the left of the typewriting pad. Below it will be you address, contact number and email address to be written on a single space.

Contact number / email address

Let us leave one space for the meantime. You will check the spacing later on to fit the data exactly to the typewriting. The next to be written will be the objective.

Objective: You can write immediately your objective text here. Just tab it after the “Objective:”. Again spacing and tabs should check later for alignment. If your objective text will run through the next line, you need align it with the first line.

Sample Objective: To develop my personal growth and contribute to the benefit of the company as a whole (this part should align with the word”To”.

The next will be you “Work Experience” if you already have. If not you proceed to you “Educational Attainment.” Do not use “Educational Background.” Obviously, “attainment” word is better than “background.”

Work Experience: Start from the recent. As much as possible, you need only to include those experiences related or closely related to the job you are applying. Include dates and you job responsibilities. To be written as follows:

Work Experience: Teacher

Leave again another one space then write your “Educational Attainment.”

Educational Attainment: Obviously you need to start with your highest educational attainment. I would like to suggest that you don’t need to include your high school or elementary levels unless you have good reasons to include them on. After your college studies, if have passed a licensure examination, by leaving another one space immediately write below you degree when and where the examination is held. Suggested format: Passed the Licensure Examination for “your degree” conducted on “date” at the “place where the examination is held.”

The next will the “Seminar / Workshop Attended”

Seminar / Workshop Attended: Start from the recent seminar or workshop you attended. The format should be: “Title of the Seminar / Workshop”, the address where the activity is held, and the date. You don’t need to include the number of hours.

Merit: or Achievement: (choose one only) Start from the recent and include relevant details like time and place.

Personal Data: Your personal data should be place here because this will be the lat thing an employer would like to know about your. They are more particular on your capacity and efficiency.

Character Reference:You put here names persons (maximum 3 persons) who are not related to you but you are known to them. In case the company wishes to know more about you better, these persons could give additional info about you.

To end you résum, write this sentence:

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


(you signature here) no need to write your name below your signature, instead, write “Applicant’s Signature.”

Applicant’s Signature

Application Letter General Format

Application Letter is very important. This one of the factors being considered by the HR or the person in-charge for additional manpower in the company.

Your application letter should be well tailored for you to get the change to go to the interview level. Even if your expertise is only a bit related to the position you are applying, with an impressive application letter you could be able to stimulate the employer for you to be considered as one of their best applicants.

Below is the general format of an application letter to be observed:


The date is very important because it focuses on the urgency of the job and the creation of the application letter. It implies also that the applicant is aware on time in which an additional factor of being diligent enough on the responsibilities to be undertaken.


Obviously, this refers to the name of the person and his/her position in the company. Most of the time, the person here is the HR Manager or the personnel officer. Make sure that the name placed here should be the person who will accept your application letter.


Do not use Dear here because your application letter is considered a business letter. Dear is used only for friendly letters and it has nothing to do with business especially on your application letter.

First Paragraph

In your first paragraph you should state where did you get the information that their institution/company is in need of additional manpower. Most of the time, especially big companies publish in the newspapers or any other advertising program about their needs of additional manpower. By mentioning the source, like newspaper in particular, internet and any other advertising methods will also boost your application letter. The reader or the person in charge may consider you because you prove that you are really aware of these types of environment.

Second Paragraph

Immediately state your complete name (including middle initials) in bold letter to give emphasis. To be followed by your course and skills and fro where you acquire your diploma. Do not forget to include your age because in every work or position in the company, it requires age. You may want to include you are physically healthy and fit to work, but this is optional. If you’ll be the lucky person, the company will require you to get a medical certificate.

Third Paragraph

It is very important to mention your experience about an event that you have been chosen as especial employee in your previous work because of the extra-ordinary things you did in which the company benefits from it. This will further prove that you are a responsible person and employee to be trusted by the company.

But if you are a fresh grad, you can leave this part or mention some of your experience during college days about your heroic act. But make sure it is closely related to the description of the job. If not, you have to support with a brief and concise explanation. Remember that an application letter should always in page only.

For the Fourth and Last Paragraph

State that you are always available in case the employer will call you for an interview. Do not ever make make you own or set time of your availability. You are an applicant and you don’t have any choice yet not to follow orders especially if coming from that of your prospect employer/company.


For your salutation, use “Truly yours” and not “Respectfully yours”. Though this two are almost the latter is used only for students giving or requesting something from their teacher. “Truly yous” is more appropriate because you application letter is a business letter.

Application Letter

Dear Sir/Madam:

While surfing the internet, I arrived at your website (www.nameofsite.com) and click Job link there. I found out that I am qualified for the position of (state the position).

I am (your name), (you age) and a graduate of (your course) at the (name of College / University). It is my honor to be included in your list of applicants for the position of (position).

I have worked for almost three years and have applied my earned knowledge on my previous job. Thought my course is only a bit related to the position I am applying for, my experiences proves that I am qualified for the job.

Attached herewith is my resumé and other certifications for you further evaluation.

Please notify me whatever will be the outcome of my application. I would appreciate it very much if you’ll reply to this email or a call on this number (you telephone number).

Thank you very much.


Truly yours,


Apology Letter on Cancellation of Order

Cancellation of Order


This is to acknowledge that we received you letter stating your cancellation of your order dated: (date).

We would like to apologize what had happen. The management is working on it now to avoid this occurrence in the future.

Satisfaction is our primary concern for our valued customers like you. Please accept our apology.




FROM : THE Human Resource Mgt. Officer


You are hereby informed that as per record of this office, (see attached Xerox copy of DTR), you have incurred a maximum of more than ten (10) times tardy for two (2) consecutive months. As such you are hereby reprimanded for the said violations and repetitions of the same offense will be a ground for suspension for one (1) to thirty (30) days.

Be guided accordingly.

Human Resource Mgt. Officer




The Chairman

Bids and Awards Committee



In connection with your invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid No. ________ inviting proposal for the procurement of_________________ , I/we offer to furnish and deliver, in conformity with the pertinent specifications, the items on which I/we indicate in the attached quotation and hereby bind myself/ourselves to accept the award of the Invitation to Bid.

I/we have read and fully understand and am/we wiling to comply with the terms and conditions as specified in the ____________ furnished me/us with particular attention to the condition that the Bids and Awards Committee reserves the right to rescind the contract should the interest of your company so demand in which case the Bids and Awards Committee may resort to a new Bid. I/we am/are liable for any breach thereof. In this connection, I/we submit a Bidder’s Bond.

Signature of Bidder

Name of Company


Telephone/fax number/email

Excuse Letter

To Whom It May concern:

I am (your name and course). I did not get the chance to take our preliminary examination due to some personal and financial problems I encountered before the schedule of the test.

Today, I have already settled these problems and also paid already the needed amount for the examinations.

In line with this, I would like to take the test anytime under your vacant time or anytime convenient to you.

Hoping for your kind consideration about this matter.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

(you signature over printed name)

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